CHR17 Goldengrip 2™

  • Goldengrip 2™ (CHR17-1) offers a 15 gauge seamless knitted nylon, cotton, acrylic or ‘HPPE’ with steel blend fibre liner with a triple nitrile fully coating, delivering excellent grip in dry, wet and oily conditions.
  • Three layers of material lamination in the palm (interior layer) provides a
    liquid-resistant barrier while providing enhanced grip.
  • Nitrile bonded glove with seamless knitted liner lining performs liquid proof protection (waterproof ).
  • Knitted liner lining faster absorption keeping hand cool. Easier to put on and take off.
  • Goldengrip 2™ (CHR17-2) unlined finish with superior raised grip pattern.
  • High resistance to oil based chemicals.
  • Open cuff allows ventilation to keep hands cool.
  • Available in three length: 30cm, 34cm & 42cm
  • Size: 7(M), 8(L), 9(XL), 10(XXL)
  • Application: petrochemical, automotive, printing, oil industry, maintenance, chemical cleaning application and petroleum related industry including solvents.