CHR28 JobMaster 4

  • Double coated – A seamless knitted nylon or cotton liner with Hightly Chemical Resistant (HCR) nitrile coating and a second of an unique new formulation rough finish on the finger area.
  • JM4 – Soft seamless nylon (JM4A) or seamless cotton (JM4B) with (HCR) nitrile double dip smooth finish reinforcement on finger and thumb area.
  • Superior Grip – Roughened surface for offering high chemical resistance and excellent protection against abrasion and good grip.
  • Performance – Full protection and optimal grip in dry, oily, greasy or even oil submersion environments.
  • Strength – Double dipped nitrile glove for added protection.
  • Length: 30cm and 34cm
  • Size: 7(M), 8(L), 9(XL) & 10(XXL)
  • Applications: The glove is ideal for tasks involving mechanical, maintenance, automotive, cleaning, petrochemical plants, factories, engineering, constructions, containers and handling wet drums.