CHR6 Goldengrip™

  • Goldengrip™ gloves by Duramitt are reusable and make of a high-performance nitrile compound which provides on outstanding combination of strength and chemical resistance when exposed to aromatic and petroleum solvents, caustics and animal fats.
  • These glove have a soft seamless knit (HDPE) fibre blend with nylon fibre liner lining which cut resistant and absorbs perspiration and make easier donning and doffing.
  • Durability and chemical resistance.
  • Resists fuels, lubricants, acids, solvents and wide range of chemical hazards.
  • Thermal: Good insulation against heat and cold.
  • Thickness: 22mil nitrile.
  • Length: 45cm.
  • Size: 8 (M) 9(XL), 10(XXL).
  • Applications: The gloves are well-suited for use in the industrial of oil refining, petrochemical, aerospace, cleaning, general wet handling tasks, food processing, chemical handling.